news用canadaEvery life changes. Everyday life remains the same.
Some things should change. Others should not.
Things slowly change appearance over time.
Re-evaluate yourself.
Natural and eternal.

Every life repeats, morning comes and night comes.

We have everyday life that create a new idea calmly.
We will know the value of everyday life which remains the same with looking everyday life changes.
It’s like that enjoy looking this cheesy but also marvelous world.

Unchanged mind and lasting from change.
Just like a leaf of a tree changes its color with the seasons.
This will be piece of our unbroken everyday life.

Our [Day after Day] Collection has such a hope.

変わって行く毎日と 変わらない毎日
変えていくべきものと 変わらないもの
自然で いつまでも続いて行く
毎日は同じ様に繰り返され 朝が来てはまた夜が訪れます
新しいアイディアが生まれ それを静かに考える毎日を与えられている私達は
とてもありふれていて 尚且つ素晴らしいこの世界を見る様に
Day after Day Collection では変わらないマインドと続いて行く形が